Pokemon Seicho

The young trainers approach Mt. Moon when something shocking happens that will change everything. Trainers Dolly and Orange join the adventure. Find out what horrors await inside Mt.moon. You won’t want to miss it! LISTEN HERE

Our trainers face off in an intense dance battle for a prize worth 2,000 Poke’ dollars. Stay tuned until the end for the lead into the upcoming season 2. You don’t want to miss it! LISTEN 

After getting their boulder badges our three trainers are in high spirits and want to spend some time at the Pewter City Museum of Science. When they enter the Museum they encounter some Team Rocket grunts and an executive. Brock comes to their rescue but…. LISTEN 

The first gym trial has our young trainers scaling a huge rock wall using their Pokemon to help them or hinder their opponents progress. Last trainer up the wall has to face Brock in an intense one on one battle. You Don’t want to miss it. LISTEN 

A small peak of what’s to come in Pokemon Seicho when season 2 starts in March. Listen
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