Fountain of Fear

American Werewolf in London – In this long awaited episode we watched the classic American Werewolf in London. We are very excited to be back we hope you enjoy the new episode.

13 Ghosts – Don, Jake, and Jan watch and talk about 13 Ghosts. Did we like the movie? But most importantly what could we use in a haunt, if anything. What Ghosts we liked and which ones didn’t get the love they should have.

Stitches – We at Fountain of Fear love clowns, and we know you love clowns too. So this week we ride our tricycles to the living room sat down and watched the scary and funny Stitches. We suggest you watch the movie, if you haven’t yet, before listening to to episode. we also talk about our clown room for the haunt. so enjoy.

The Haunting – This week we watched the 1963 ‘The Haunting’ and talked about what we could use in a Haunt. Spoiler: putting everything in the haunt in a black and white hue is NOT one of our ideas. While Don was a sleepy boy and didn’t find it very scary, Jake assures us this is peak horror. And maybe it is. Let us know what you think! 

Arachnophobia – We have an exciting episode for our Freaks this week when we invite special guest Tabitha, the Spider Queen herself to sit in on a discussion. We’ve teased her appearance a few times and we’re thrilled we were able to get her to sit down for a few hours to watch Arachnophobia then chat with us about all the ins and outs of spider ownership and managing them in a haunted house

Trick ‘R Treat This week we are talking about Sam, Werewolves, and some sick things that happened in this great twisted little horror movie. Jan picked a cute sadistic little sack-head boy named Sam in Trick ‘R Treat. This movie makes you think twice about angering the Halloween spirits on All Hallows Eve, or Halloween.

Child’s Play Jake takes over the hosting for this episode since this was Don’s introduction into the horror genre, and surprisingly Jake gets through it just fine. So we watched Child’s Play and let Don talk about his feelings and the movie. Plus how we could use a demented child in a haunt.

Nightmare On Elm Street In this episode Jake goes into detail about his introduction into the horror genre with 1984’s Nightmare On Elm Street. We then go into the nitty gritty of adding a boiler room setting to a haunt, rigging up a way to drag cast members around rooms with a pulley system, and briefly tease the next episode which will be all about stretch walls.

Salem’s Lot Jake, Jan, and Don watched Salem’s Lot and discuss how this was Jan’s introduction into the horror genre, as well as how they would best utilize aspects of the movie in our ideal haunted house setting.

Us Movie Review In a pre-launch special event, Jake, Jan, and Don went to the theaters and watched the new suspense thriller by Jordan Peele, Us. Immediately after viewing they sat and recorded a review that was nearly as long as the movie itself.


Welcome to the Fountain of Fear podcast. Here is a small taste of what’s to come while we build up a small buffer of episodes to share with you all. In the future you can expect to hear us dive into such movies as Salem’s Lot, the original Nightmare On Elm Street, and American Werewolf in London. 

This is not going to simply be a horror movie review podcast, but rather a conversation on these movies and ways we could/would/should incorporate them into our haunted house.

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