Ashes And Allomancy

Chapter 12: Three Doors Down – After an eventful night out with Kelsier, the boys finally get some much needed rest in the safety of Club’s shop.

Chapter 11: Keep Venture – Kelsier brings the boys on his midnight assault in Keep Venture.

Chapter 10: Steel Yourself – The meeting concluded, it’s time to teach Mochi more about Allomancy.

Chapter 9: The Meeting Part 2 – Kelsier explains the outline of his big plan.

Chapter 8: The Meeting Part 1 – It’s finally time for the big meeting Kelsier has been talking about.

Chapter 7: Anticipation – The boys meet a girl named Vin whom Kelsier and Dockson believe to be a mistborn.

Chapter 6: Flaring Emotions – After hearing of Kelsier’s alleged ill fate, Mochi filled with rage and Pelias at his side take on the ministry tails without aid.

Chapter 5: Tailing the Tails – The Boys follow Dockson on a wild goose chase through the Backstreets of Luthadel.

Chapter 4: Into Luthadel – Kelsier finally Brings the twins to their intended destination: the Great City of Luthadel. But will Mochi and Pelias be able to keep their wits about them right under the nose of the Lord Ruler himself?

Chapter 3: Kelsier’s Test – After training for weeks with Kelsier, Mochi and Pelias are left alone and in the dark. Will they pass Kelsier’s Test?

Chapter 2: Revelations – With Mochi Seriously injured, Kelsier brings the Twins and their mother into the wilderness to recover in relative safety, hidden from the Lord Ruler’s gaze.

Chapter 1: The Survivor of Hathsin – Twin Brothers Mochi and Pelias are prepared to live out their days as slaves when an unexpected traveler enters their lives and shows them its possible for Skaa to live as something more.

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