Triaxian Knights 19: Jungle Truffles and Jason Tondro

Always nice to hang out with new people. But what about when that new people has a hand in making the game you love so much????? We had fun, and next time he can join the party won’t be split. I promise.

The gang arrives at another ruined tower, this time occupied by undead. With Akim elsewhere dealing with the signal jammer, the team marches into combat the old fashioned way. Meanwhile, Akim has stumbled across a strange sight in the Uchorae Jungle: a living, breathing human explorer just out for a jaunt. Oh and their pet sharpwing. 

Joining us this week is Starfinder developer Jason Tondro as Francis! I shot my shot when he was asking for folks to invite him onto their podcast and we had a stellar time playing with him and chatting about his work at Paizo, what it’s like to work in TTRPGs in general, and we gab about some of the Adventure Paths coming down the line in the immediate future.

In the chat Jason talks about his participation in the BAMF podcast talking about Star Trek. You can find them here: His Star Trek chats are the ones titled Space Force.



Music by Kevin MacLeod at

Music also from Tabletop Audio at

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