Triaxian Knights 13: A Saintly Visit

This one was pretty darn dramatic, if I do say so myself. Feel like I leveled up as a GM. Hashtag growth.

Recovering from the wounds of the battle in the ruins, rest is taken, divine gifts are bestowed, and level 4 is reached.

Special thanks to a podcast pal of mine named Joy. I’ve done some things with her in other pods, and I was over the moon she took the lines for Saint Lymirin. This was kind of a huge scene for me, for several reasons, and I wanted somebody other than myself to record this literal angel. And Joy knocked it out of the park. Hit her up on twitter @direfoxicorn and shower her with praise.

Made this upside down originally because I mapped it from the perspective of the travelers. Ooops.

Above is the map of Creeva’s Crater I made on the Hexographer program, it’s free and very fun. Intend to use it more often when we have such kind of traveling adventures.

The group are camped at the northermost icon, the upside circus tent. Just below it is where they fought the Maraquoi solarian. The water bit at the northern most is the waterfall. I’ll be updating as they progress. Kinda fun, eh?



Music by Kevin MacLeod


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