Triaxian Knights 5: Meeting Addy Starr

Akim and Rhapsody are given a quest and are sent to meet the local stable-master Addy Starr



So this was a thing. One night while scrolling Twitter I came across a retweet from a wrestler named Addy Starr about joining people’s shows and on a whim I did a ‘reply-guy’ and responded to the tweet about perhaps playing some D&D or possibly even playing Starfinder? With us? I don’t it seemed like a good idea at the time. Total shot in the dark, was just being friendly, and she responded that she was wanting to get onto a game! And there Don the nervous guy took over and completely chickened out, but once Traci(Rhapsody, obviously) said I simply HAD to make her as an NPC to be a friend to Rhapsody and I jumped at the chance. That’s a fun thing, right? That’s not weird at all? I certainly hope not, as we have about 6 more episodes recorded with this character.

Shotalashu. Fingers crossed magical beasts have innate resistance to the cold plains of Triaxus.
Wolliped. Careful, they spit.
Use your head.

Rising Tide(Faster) & Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod

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