Triaxian Knights 3: Attack of the Ranoneks

Making landfall on Triaxus gets a little interesting when a distress call come from the city-state of Kamora…

I hope your’e enjoy this side adventure with Akim and Rhapsody. Getting to run these lovely people through this adventure is helping me grow as a GM more and more after each session. It truly is a privilege.



The starship ‘Skull & Tones’ floating above Triaxus. An entire world ran by dragons, what could go wrong?
Half elven warrior Tybesin Magfina contacted Akim & Rhapsody
Ryphorian with a big gun. Probably a Diplomat.
Dragonkin pistoleer
The military city-state of Kamora. Think scifi Sparta, but with more dragons.
High Commander Echera

Music from by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

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