Triaxian Knights 2: Chrono-Kinetic Boogaloo

Shall we dance?

Rocketing away from Absalom Station, Rhapsody and Akim go to a secret lair in the Diaspora on the way to Triaxus. A meal is shared, as well as a dance.

This is the second part of the Triaxian Knights story, and a return to shorter episodes. Very happy with how this turned out, and hope you enjoy it!



Below are some images inspired from the episode. Hope you like these, let me know if you want them continue, want to see anything else!

Where the story begins this week.
Drift Travel is all well and good…if you’re brave…
Little Khao, being a pretty…whatever the hell
Art by Alex Boake!
Heeeeere’sssss Zo!

Music from this episode was from, Purple Planet Music, and Incompetech

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