Triaxian Knights 1: Iomedaean Rhapsody

This episode we depart from the adventure of the zombie-riddled science vessel the Dioxia Rio and are going back to Absalom Station. Parked in orbit is an Android named Rhapsody. And she’s just ITCHING for a fight. Which she promptly gets when marching orders are given to embark on a mission to bring to justice a scientist experimenting on the dead, and the undead. But before she can fly out to the planet of Triaxus she has a lunch date with her dear friend Akim….

As of this episode going up the core group of Hex Grid Heroes is out of recorded content. But I planned for this eventuality and have a side story going on with super friends of the show, Traci and Shawn of the Aeterna and Dustrus Podcasts. Here we will tell the adventures of Knight-Lieutenant Rhapsody and pirate radio host Akim Ra Zur. I am very excited to be releasing these episodes because these two have run me on so many fun sessions with Pathfinder and I finally get to return the favor with this scifi space adventure.



Also, in case you didn’t see already, we’ve launched a Patreon! The four shows in the network are running in such a way that we all feel we’ve hit our stride and are ready to step up and see what sort of pledges we can get. There are 3 tiers availaible, 2,5,and 10 dollars a month. REALLY fun rewards like personalized messages from the characters in the shows, NPC creations in your name/honor, and more. Check it out at

Music from
“Ice Flow” by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

Music from Tabletop Audio

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