The Sellsword

A man trapped in a dead end job on Akiton takes a leap.

This is the final prologue introducing the next generation of the Hex Grid Heroes. Roshan is a human male Solarian setting out on his adventure to join the Starfinder Society. Playing him is Zach Stevens, GM of the Ashes & Allomancy podcast. 



Thank you for continuing this journey with me, I am over the moon about how well my players did crafting these origins for their characters, and bringing them to life. I am so excited to start this next chapter in our Starfinder adventure. A quick note: this is an entirely different show from before. We are using a new setting, new GM, and new cast. This is going to have a different tone entirely and I am confident you will enjoy this new take. The adventure proper begins next episode in orbit around Absalom Station.

Logo art by Shawn (@EldritchDream). Super grateful for the work and support he’s given to our show in this time of transition. Check out his work and support his endeavors!

Music from
“Raving Energy” by Kevin MacLeod (

“Rising Tide (faster)” by Kevin MacLeod (

“Day of Chaos” by Kevin MacLeod (

“Mourning Song” by Kevin MacLeod (

“Severe Tire Damage” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (

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