Thank you so much for finding us! We are very excited to share our series of actual play homebrew tabletop roleplaying game podcast(s) with you all. What a mouthful.

Below is our cast list, with a couple of our number not being interested in revealing very much personal information. They aren’t axe murderers, they just play them in a fantasy setting.

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Don Buley. Player, Editor, and Producer of the Hex Grid Heroes Podcast 
He has played rpgs most of his life, but it wasn’t really until 2018 that he met players from a Facebook post and got hooked on tabletop RPGs. Already an avid podcast listener, he jumped at the chance to turn his weekend games with friends into something to share with the world. So really all of this is his fault. Find him on Twitter @donbuley and Instagram @donbuley  


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Kevin Belden. GM, DM, infrequent player, games hoarder. 
For a decade and a half Kevin has run nerds through forests, caves, and currently one space station. His game collection is a thing of beauty, you should(and will) see it sometime. Rarely getting the chance to be a player character, the rest of the group has risen to give him the opportunity to be/not be a murder hobo.                                                                                         Find him on Twitter @GMKevinBelden and Instagram @gmkevin_belden
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Macaley Robertson. Player, Critter, Editor, and Heart of the Hex Grid Heroes
Macaley has played tabletop RPGs for a few years and has brought something to the shows that none of those yucky ‘men’ ever do. Emotions other than sarcasm. A true performer, the rest of the crew could take a lesson from her example.
Find her on Twitter @macaley and Instagram @macaley
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Johnny Beanblossom. Yes that’s his real last name. Player, Creator, and Budding GM
Johnny hasn’t been playing very long, but has quickly become a tour de force in roleplaying games. Trying to keep him sat still while recording is almost a pain, but when he brings these characters to life it makes it all worth it.
Find him on Instagram @the_heartbreak_kid_johnnyb
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Jason [REDACTED]. Player, anonymous, 40k’er, not a serial killer. Surprisingly tender hugger.
Jason plays the loveable (sic) Voloteo in the Starfinder Campaign, and generously allowed us to make a podcast he wants very little to do with.
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Ray [REDACTED]. Player, bespectacled, very nice cut of jib haver, not wanted for larceny
This delightful fellow plays the enigma that is Edgar in our Starfinder Campaign. He may be an undercutting, two-timing sneak in-game, but in real life he is so friendly and doesn’t at all sabotage our podcasting efforts, despite wanting to remain a shadowy figure behind the scenes away from adoring fans.
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