If you are a long time listener, thank you! If you have just discovered us, we’re glad to have you! We are very excited to share our collection of podcasts with you all. Below is the current lineup of our network, check them out on all the major podcast apps. Want to help us grow? The quickest and easiest way is to leave a review on iTunes. If you want to contribute to our growth a little more seriously consider pledging to our Patreon at http://patreon.com/hgh – there you will find some really fun rewards and perks.

If a scifi, space fantasy adventure is what you are craving check out our namesake, Hex Grid Heroes. Over there a party of aliens and humans are set out into a galaxy to restore the glory of the Starfinder Society.

Like/love Pokemon and/or anime? Then you’ll want to check out Pokemon Seicho. Set 20 years after the events of the Red & Blue Gameboy games, Johnny leads a new generation of Trainers through their Pokemon Journey. Confronting enemies and allies both old and new, this is sure to scratch the itch of not enough Pokemon in your life.

Over at Ashes & Allomancy we have Zach telling the tale of the Mistborn book series by Brandon Sanderson. In it, two young men discover the world is far more than ash and mist.

Outside the realm of tabletop roleplaying games, Fountain of Fear is a weekly chat show from horror fanatics and haunted house creators. Each week, listen as they discuss a different horror movie and how aspects of them can be used in a haunted house setting.

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